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How She Did It (A Son’s Confession)

By Patrick Steven Maunda


How She Did It (A Son’s Confession)

By Patrick Steven Maunda


I first wrote this book 7 years ago. I was 19 years old then. I didn’t know much about publishing, all I wanted to do was express myself and teach. Then I put it online. From that, I got a call, just one of such since then. I don’t know whether it was a white dude or a black dude. I’ve never figured that out. His spoken was amazingly fluent, and that got me lost in a world of my own. “Will I ever get there?” I thought. When I came back from my world of thoughts I answered a question I’m sure wasn’t asked, “I’m interested I said.” Then I heard the call ended tone. I tried to reach out to the same number, I couldn’t get through. 7 years later I continue the quest of being a writer, on the foundation of the few words I remember were said to me by a mysterious guy, “amazing, keep writing.” I pray and hope I get to know who you are someday. Know that I am grateful. Now, I present to you, the new ” How She Did It: A Son’s Confession.” Available on Amazon both in paperback and electronic (Kindle). I would appreciate the support of a family of authors and readers. The book’s available on Kindle if you find time please have a look at it, leave a review. I will appreciate any form of feedback.

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Kind regards,
Patrick Steven Maunda

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