The King of Good Intentions II

Highway of Spirits

By Remi Peter Baronas


Highway of Spirits

By Remi Peter Baronas


Jude Ryder – a young student of filmmaking turned drug smuggler who bears an uncanny resemblance to his boyhood idol, James Dean – thought that far, far away India would be an idyllic hideout from the law. At first, initiation into the deepest secrets of arcane science by Himalayan fakirs is a romantic odyssey as he interacts with mythical gods and creatures but it quickly degenerates to self-preservation when he is lured into a violent cult of black goddess Kali. When a solar goddess sends him back to his Los Angeles roots, Jude is thrown into the clutches of a powerful demon who not only craves his secret knowledge in order to alter the fabric of the universe, but holds the key to the only weapon that can stop him.

‘Highway of Spirits’ is a mind-body-spirit thriller inspired by the author’s experiences in India and his personal relationship with Banmali Lahiry, a secretive yogi and the great grandson of the famous Lahiri Mahasaya, presented to the public for the first time. Experience this chilling page-turner of murder and sacrifice, exotic love and seduction, mystical terrorism and spiritual revelation where Jude must sacrifice all in order to become a mystical warrior.

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Remi Peter Baronas
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