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Help! We Need a Title!

By Hervé Tullet


Help! We Need a Title!

By Hervé Tullet


What if you picked out a book to read, but the characters weren’t ready for you yet? A clever new picture book from the creator of the New York Times bestseller Press Here.

Take a peek inside this book and you’ll find some characters (though they’re still a bit sketchy). They’ll be perplexed to see you, so they’ll quickly try to track down their author (who has a lot more work to do). What you won’t find is a story, or a title, because — guess what? The book isn’t finished yet! But surely the author must have a story to tell? In this charming “meta” picture book, children of all ages are encouraged to interact with a book still in the process of being invented. And that’s a story in itself!

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