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Hells Bend – A Moment From Eternity

By Angie Camp / Barry Westmoreland


Hells Bend – A Moment From Eternity

By Angie Camp / Barry Westmoreland


Have you ever heard of the “ripple effect”? Have you ever considered that one selfish, stupid decision could change your family…your community…your whole life…forever?
In this story, based on true-life events, Jake Adams discovers that his choices have unintended consequences—both for good and for evil. And through those choices, God displays how He weaves the threads of a life into a tapestry, working “all things together for good”…even selfish, stupid decisions.

Hell’s Bend is a gripping, fast-paced story with clever plot twists and some surprising outcomes that entertain and challenge both teen and adult readers.- Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

In this debut novel, Angie Camp crafts a fast-paced, engaging novel with characters who illustrate the best and the worst of Christ-followers. With its surprising plot twists, engaging characters and too-real conflicts, it will keep the reader up late and challenge any serious reader to take inventory of his own faith.-Randall Murphree, Editor, AFA Journal, American Family Association

“To mourn is to know God and His deepest wounds for His Son who bore our infirmities and our sorrows. This intimate, honest, and unforgettable story of tragedy and triumph takes you on a journey, as despair is conquered and the wounded are made whole again.”–Merle Temple, The Redeemed

“God’s grace and mercy is something many of us hold on to as we navigate life. The unexpected ups and downs, the decisions we make and the people’s lives we touch and are touched by, help define who we are. Hell’s Bend is a story that shows all of this to be true. I had intended to read Hell’s Bend” over a week of traveling, but God had another plan. Once I started it, I could not put it down until I was finished! I was riveted by the stories of each person and the twists and turns they each encountered. God has a plan. You’re in it. How will you handle the bend in your life?”- Stephen Tybor III, President – Eight Days of Hope/Hope Reigns

“A young man’s arrogance and pride – with a spoonful of boyish lust for a classic muscle car – is a formula for disaster. And yet, this is a story of redemption and grace. A novel of pain, brokenness, and second chances…Hell’s Bend has it all.” – Chad McMahan, Senator, Mississippi Senate District 6

Angie Camp is a worship leader, speaker and first-time author. The single mother of five resides in Northeast Mississippi where she is continuing her education through Liberty University Online in Christian Counseling.

Barry Westmoreland, a native of North Mississippi, served as co-author for Hell’s Bend: A Moment From Eternity. Although a salesman by trade, his own life experiences inspired Barry to initiate this project. He and his wife, Donna, currently reside in South Alabama.

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Xulon Press
Mike Russell


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