The Legend of El Patron: A True Story

Heart of Steel: Based on a True Story

By Kevin D. Miller


Heart of Steel: Based on a True Story

By Kevin D. Miller


In the early morning hours of September 13, 1920, a tragic murder takes place at the Pulchalski farmhouse in Southington, Ohio. Twelve-year-old Stanley desperately runs along a dusty country road sent by his mother to fetch the Sheriff.

An infamous scandal unfolds over the next several weeks taking Stanley and his siblings on a harrowing journey through a notorious orphanage and an incredible attempt to escape.

Finding true love is Stanley’s only hope to finally come to terms with the torment of his tragic past. The story is based on true events in the life of Stanley William Miller. It inspires the heart on how a young man’s devotion to his family pushes him beyond impossible odds and testifies to the perseverance of the human spirit.

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