Tincture of Time

Gone: The Titanic

By J. Anderson


Gone: The Titanic

By J. Anderson


Alva Lynn Cartwright, the RMS Titanic with her mother and her sister. With a marriage arranged by her mother, she is to meet her fiancé on board the Titanic for the first time, though she doesn’t want to go along with the arrangement for three reasons. He’s a stranger, she doesn’t love him, and she doesn’t feel comfortable with an arranged marriage.
On the journey, everything goes left, until she runs into the intimidating, handsome, and charming Augustine Winslow.
The whimsical unworldy Alva is scared, frightened because she feels attracted to this man, knowing she can’t let her mother down over this marriage. April 14th, the RMS Titanic staggers into a ice burg, sinking minute after minute. Her life will change forever, physical and mentally.
· Carrie on the other hand is mad and angry at her Mother for abandoing her for a great amount of years. Her mother is hiding something, something that will ruin her and Carrie’s relationship forever. Lies is all she hears from her mother, who she doesn’t even like to call mother. Titanic encounters the ice berg in the mix of the drama. She will be changed drastically.

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