Santa Cat

Glazed Man & Rat Girl

By Scott Cahan


Glazed Man & Rat Girl

By Scott Cahan


Glazed Man’s superpowers come from stuffing his face with donuts. Rat Girl knows no fear as she attacks evil with her rat-like abilities. Glazed Man & Rat Girl, the book trailer is an animated video that captures the essense of the book with clever animation and professional video production. The cheezy humor, loveable characters, and over-the-top action from the book are all here in this one of a kind book trailer, produced by author and illustrator Scott Cahan.

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  1. Avatar Pete says:

    This is a really great trailer. Simple, quick and very funny. Excellent use of animation and I love the zinger dialog line at the end!

  2. Avatar Chloe says:


  3. Avatar Brian says:

    Great book even for adults, Trailer is great.

  4. Avatar Joshuaandcalebsc says:

    Looks like a great book and love the trailer!

  5. Avatar Margaret says:

    Wow! I am impressed with Scott Cahan’s creativity. Story is funny, action packed and is a good read for kids and adults alike. Keep it up Scott.

  6. Avatar Bob says:

    Very good story and great graphics!

  7. Avatar abbycatlisa says:

    I read this book and enjoyed it very much.
    Great illustrations and a good theme throughout.
    Will recommend it highly!

  8. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Love this preview. So creative!

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