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Fifi: The Adventure of a Fairy Princess

By John Zakour


Fifi: The Adventure of a Fairy Princess

By John Zakour


Do not enter the NOGO zone. Do not go to the Land of Man. Most importantly, do not contact man. These three rules are strictly followed by everyone in the Fairy Land, but try telling that to Princess Fifi.

Young and rebellious, Fifi always follows her heart, even if it means disregarding tradition and her mother’s warnings. She sees the best in everyone (everyone, that is, except for pigmen), so when she encounter the human Prince Michos in the NOGO zone, she cannot help but see a spark of goodness in the arrogant young man and hops at the chance to return the sword he left behind in his haste. All she has to do is cross through the NOGO zone and meet the Prince within the Land of Man before her mother catches on to her lies. No big deal for a fairy such as Fifi, especially when she is accompanied by her friends Sammy, the talking snake, and Tizzz, the eager unicorn. Right?

Little do they know, helping Prince Michos will go far beyond returning his sword and venturing into forbidden territory. With pigmen and the threat of war looming over the horizon, the spunky princess might be in over her head—but she’s not about to give up on her mission or Prince Michos.

Will Fifi be able to return the sword to Prince Michos? Is there something more between these royals than meets the eye? Will Sammy survive inhaling Fifi’s body odor? And can Fifi and her friends prevent a full-out war before it’s too late?

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