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Fateful Ops

By James Shelley


Fateful Ops

By James Shelley


He’s Fighting
Terrorism on Both Sides

In America’s war against terrorism, someone in U.S. intelligence decides that to keep department funding up, an upcoming attack on America must be allowed to take place. Who could possibly fight against such a diabolical plot?

The thrilling new novel Fateful Ops takes this situation and runs with it until the spellbinding conclusion. Jes Spenser is an ex-cop who has chosen to work overseas as a spy to help keep U.S. troops safe. When Spenser discovers that an attack on U.S. soil is imminent, he informs the powers that be, but is told that the attack will be allowed to take place, so everyone can be reminded of the threat and the funding can continue.

When Spenser voices his objections, he makes himself a target for elimination. As he and a small team of renegade operatives decide to neutralize the terrorist, the danger comes from both sides. This amazing story of our times is indeed Fateful.

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