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False Alibi

By Marguerite Sansone

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False Alibi

By Marguerite Sansone


Library Assistant Cory Parker gets more than she bargains for when a rekindled childhood friendship with Elizabeth Strafford catapults her on the trail of a murderer. Cory and Elizabeth have more in common than having once shared a school bus. They’ve both lost people they love through violence. Cory sets out to solve the murder of Elizabeth’s mother in order to give her friend the peace and closure she needs. The past bleeds into the present as Cory uncovers a murder plot gone bad, the truth of which threatens to destroy both women. A stranger interferes with Cory’s research as clues emerge, intimately tying Elizabeth to the killer. Evidence linking the murderer to the crime turns up in Cory’s possession, making her a target. Cory closes in on the killer–just as the killer closes in on her.

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The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Marguerite Sansone

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