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Falling For Them Volume 4

By Multi-Author


Falling For Them Volume 4

By Multi-Author


Dream Walker by Lili Zander

I’m Calliope O’Malley. Broke freelance writer, smuggler, and unregistered dream walker. I was doing fine, keeping my head down and minding my own business. Until the day I tried to steal from the dragon.

Lovely Dearest by Nikki Bolvair

When Hailey finds herself stranded with strangers in a severe snow storm, can she resist their undeniable connection or will these three strong soldiers steal her heart?

Heart of Five by LA Kirk

When Meg’s body begins to change in unexplainable ways, she sets off to find anyone who can give her answers. Can she trust the five men who claim to want to help her? Or will they betray her in the end?

Unraveling by Lyn Forester

With an address in hand, Kady sets out to find her destined love, but nothing goes as planned.

Leap at Love by Sofia Ann Hoffman

A chance rescue of a dolphin lands Natalie a dream position at MAR – a marine rehabilitation center. But she soon discovers the dolphin she rescued is more than he seems, as are her new coworkers.

Four Parts Super by Kendra Moreno

When Dove Lopez’s story puts the Head of the Mafia behind bars, only four Supers can keep her alive. Dove is used to being in danger, but this time, she’s in danger of losing her heart.

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