DUTY: Suspense and Mystery Stories from the Cold War and Beyond

Empty Places

By Martin Roy Hill

EP Front Cover v1


Empty Places

By Martin Roy Hill


He warned her. People die in lonely and empty places. But she didn’t listen.

Peter Brandt is a war-scarred news service reporter who has seen more than he can bear to remember. Returning to the States, he discovers his former wife, TV reporter Robin Anderson, brutally murdered and the local cops doing nothing to find her killer. Driven by guilt and regret over his failed marriage, Peter sets out with an old friend, retired cop Matt Banyon, to find Robin’s killer. Following clues she left behind, Peter and Matt unearth a shadowy world of sex, drugs, political corruption, and a wealthy Cuban freedom fighter with a suspicious past. Peter and Matt soon become the hunted, and Peter must finally face his own demons – and death in a dark and empty place.

“A powerful and memorable thriller…” (Book Viral)

Additional Book Details

32-32 North Publishing
Tanya Watt


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