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Doctor Mosquito

By Richard C Dellinger

ebook cover


Doctor Mosquito

By Richard C Dellinger


Richard C Dellinger’s debut novel gives us a terrifying glimpse into the near future. An intense, pulse-pounding ride that will dig its genetically modified claws into you and won’t let go. A book for the fans of Michael Crichton’s clever techno-thrillers (Jurassic Park) and Stephen King’s nerve-shredding horror novels (Cujo).

World-renowned geneticist Dr. Peter Birch is barely hanging on. When his wife dies of Huntington’s disease, his whole world crumbles. He loses his love, his career, his home… and his will to live. His teenage daughter is the only glimmer of joy in a bleak existence.

Then a mysterious package arrives. Inside, a white mouse — genetically modified with miraculous abilities. When Pete’s daughter shows signs of the same genetic disease that killed his wife, he realizes that this mouse could be the key to saving her life. But who sent it, and why?

As he races to find a cure he is recruited by a secretive company called Plinian Labs owned by an intensely private billionaire and philanthropist. Wielding a powerful new tool called CRISPR, the company is on the cutting edge of genetic engineering. But the more Pete learns about the company, the more desperate he becomes to escape. As the clock runs out, he must choose between saving his daughter… or saving the world.

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White Acorn Press, LLC
Richard C Dellinger


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