The Folly Under the Lake

Destruction of Sweet Creation

By Kenneth Fultz Jr.


Destruction of Sweet Creation

By Kenneth Fultz Jr.


In a world of magic and technology, a boy is after revenge, and a girl must break the spell her own mother cast upon her.

Hiro, an elite member of AURA an organization that specializes in magic in the current era, sees no reason to not give up his life in any situation that comes up. Kanae, a happy, yet childish, girl who only has basic magical skills sees the world almost like a Fairy tale. These two unlikely teens find themselves crashing into each other’s lives as Hiro comes closer to finding the man who took away his family, and Kanae a helpless romantic thought to be a child in everyone’s eyes due to her mother’s curse.
These two are brought together when a monster attacks Kanae. The once gloomy and empty Hiro starts to see value in his life as Kanae does some serious growing up; however, when Hiro comes closer to getting his hands on the man responsible for his emptiness will he throw everything else away to get him, and does Kanae know what it truly means to have a relationship, a mature one instead of just some fantasy?

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Kenneth Fultz Jr.

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