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Defender of the North

By Corey Holst


Defender of the North

By Corey Holst


England, 1174 a.d. It has been two years since James Hoade married the love of his life and became the Lord of Loxley. He and Lady Elena have had a son and his new life is just starting to feel normal.

But much of England’s nobility is incensed that this upstart is now supposed to be considered their equal and the time has come for them to show him his true place in the world. James is ordered to head north and stop Scotland’s King William from reclaiming Northumberland.

Defender of the North is the sequel to the popular medieval novel, Defender of the Realm. In an age of castles and knights, James Hoade must, once again, prove himself worthy. Join James as the adventure of a lifetime continues!

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