Forever Friends

Dead Letter

By Marc Kuhn


Dead Letter

By Marc Kuhn


Robert and Sandra are two young people whose quest to be together forever is challenged by misguided jealousy and a great world war. They grew up together in the small town of Centreville on the scenic Corsica River that streams outward from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and into the great Chesapeake Bay. It is a rich and bountiful environ where resilient people have lived for generations and a tranquil lifestyle remains undisturbed…until a letter mailed forty years earlier finally reaches its destination.

A dead letter is undeliverable. The address on the envelope is indecipherable or destroyed. Nor does the envelope contain information about the sender. Only authorized personnel are permitted to open a dead letter in an attempt to determine to whom, or by whom, the letter is written. This is the story of a dead letter written by a soldier in World War II to his girlfriend. Attempts to deliver it and reveal its secrets will consume the lives of a father and son and span decades.

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