A Ladder In The Dark: My journey from bullying to self-acceptance

“Crossing the Line: A Cautionary Bullying Tale”

By Alan Eisenberg



“Crossing the Line: A Cautionary Bullying Tale”

By Alan Eisenberg


What happens when those that are bullied cross the line, deciding to take matters into their own hands? Four high school teens are going to find out just how much a bully target can take, before they decide that they can take no more. What lines will be crossed? On the surface, Berryville, Kansas looks to be a perfect Midwest town to raise a family. But hiding in plain sight are the issues of teen bullying and the effects it has on the students at Lincoln High School. Four teenagers will learn the ultimate price paid for bullying others. Jessie, a girl with a tragic past, made worse by the turn of her best friend into her biggest bully. Brian, bullied during his younger years that led to a choice that made his situation worse. What decision will he make to deal with his fears? Sandi, the girl who got everything she wanted, except the attention she needed. What will happen when she schemes to bully and torture her old friend? Anarchy, a boy taken to the edge from a bullying abuse event even he can’t face anymore. Angry and lost, what will Anarchy do to get revenge on those he believes took his life away? Fate will bring these four lives together in a lesson about the ultimate cost of bullying others. Can anyone come out unscathed?

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Outskirts Press
Bullying Recovery, LLC


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