Super Sad True Love Story

Crimson Cloak

By Felicia Madura


Crimson Cloak

By Felicia Madura


Crimson Cloak –Born Of Blood, a new novel, by Felicia Madura, now adapted to a cinematic book trailer. To entice you to follow the story of Issy. Big Image films presents a stylish look into the world of ,Crimson Cloak via a Book Trailer. Is an intense and fiercely written book. Don’t be squeamish, take a look.

When the beautiful, young Izzy Sabel stops by her parents’ for a quiet family dinner, there are some uninvited guests that turn her world upside down, unlocking something that’s been hiding inside her, something Izzy herself struggles to understand as she’s forced to leave her old life behind and enter into a world of new realities she never thought existed. Vampires are something you find in movies, and books. They aren’t real . . . or are they? Izzy finds herself asking these same questions, as she tries to come to terms with her thirst. Still questioning her own sanity, she begins to learn about who she truly is, and who she is meant to be. Izzy’s head spins with truths she never would have believed before she was beaten and left for dead. But instead of death, it was a new hell that welcomed her, embraced her, no matter how hard she fought against it. The deeper she goes, the more she finds, and the more she’s unsure of who she can trust. Despite her own self-loathing, she finds a new light that may bring her the peace she needs, a way to make things right, but at what costs? Determined to get the answers she’s looking for, she hones her new skills, but she’s not prepared for what she finds, or the greatness that’s ahead of her.

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