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Embers of Freedom (Book Three of the Whisper Independence Trilogy)


By Marc Rokoff

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By Marc Rokoff


Phillip has dedicated his life to achieving cross-time communication through the NOLTEX assembler, an invention he’s kept secret to avoid being ridiculed by the physics community. He only breaks away from his work once daily to visit his comatose boyfriend, Justin, in the local hospital.
When a technological breakthrough allows Phillip to talk with himself three months in the future, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate the success. He has single-handedly invented one of humanity’s greatest scientific achievements. But joy leads to confusion when Phillip begins receiving strange messages from himself in the future. Adding to the intrigue is a curiously timed spatial anomaly that appears to be approaching Earth from a distant point in deep space. Is the timing of these two first-of-their-kind scientific events a coincidence? Or is there a connection between Phillip’s communications with the future and the approaching anomaly? When a shocking global event upends Phillip’s attempts to investigate, he suddenly finds himself alone to resolve the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced.

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Marc Rokoff

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