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Double-Click Flash Fic: A Chapbook of Short Fiction and Poetry

Chigou, Valley of Progress – Book 1

By Cory Sheldon

Chigou - Valley of Progress - Book 1


Chigou, Valley of Progress – Book 1

By Cory Sheldon


If progress is your goal, you will die pursuing it.

Sitting in the world’s highest mountain valley, such words are what Lord Opaji lives by. Chigou’s founder declares his city to be society’s greatest accomplishment; a competitive theater for ambitions, ideologies and life itself.

A Civil Enforcer searches for a new purpose as he tries to escape the violent conflict of his past. A young farmer strives to make a bigger difference after she takes charge of a child, one tragically snared by a growing conflict. They are all visited by the young heir of an industrial empire, and questions quickly arise over the foreigner’s true intentions.As their lives unexpectedly collide, they begin to discover a subversive power emerging from the shadows. They must decide to face the threat, or run towards something else known only through tales and legends. Their decisions will not only change their lives, but could alter the course of their entire society.

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Ooi Iro
Ooi Iro - Produced by Cory Sheldon, Voice by Sarah White

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