The Red Road

Chasing Liberty

By Theresa Linden


Chasing Liberty

By Theresa Linden


Liberty 554-062466-84 of Aldonia lives in a responsible society that cares for the earth and everyone on it. They have learned to balance resource consumption with replacement initiatives, unavoidable pollution with clean-environment efforts. Science ensures that every baby born is healthy. The government ensures that every baby born is needed. All are cared for, taught, and given a specific duty to perform, their unique contribution to society. Why is Liberty so unsatisfied?

In less than two weeks, Liberty must begin her vocation. Every girl in Aldonia wishes she had Liberty’s vocation. Liberty would rather flee from Aldonia and live on her own, independent of the all-controlling government, the Regimen Custodia Terra. The high electrical Boundary Fence crushes any thought of escape. The ID implant imbedded in her hand makes it impossible to hide. She has no choice but to submit. Liberty is slated to be a Breeder.

As vocation day draws near, a man with an obsession for Liberty attacks her and injects her with a drug. She’s about to lose consciousness when someone comes to her rescue, a man in a mottled cape and dark glasses. She wakes in an underground facility where people watch over Aldonia with an array of monitors and surveillance equipment. These people are full of secrets, but she discovers one thing: they rescue a man scheduled for re-education. They rescued him. They can rescue her.

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  1. Avatar Don says:

    Political systems, no matter how idealistic, eventually favor the select few. The “Custodians of the Earth” bring out the worst in human society as they reduce people to an absurd sterility of mind, body and spirit. Theresa Linden’s “Liberty” harbors the spirit, an inner voice, that urges her to risk everything, brave every danger to obtain what we take for granted: Freedom!
    Theresa Linden paints a world within an electric fence that seethes with unhappiness. She shares Liberty’s inner vision and her struggles through the labyrinth toward an alternative existence.
    Chasing Liberty is only the beginning. The chase continues in the rest of the series.

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