Candy, Sweet & Sour

By Bobbi Faulkner


Candy, Sweet & Sour

By Bobbi Faulkner


Candy is an eleven-year-old girl who loves Hannah Montana, experimenting with makeup, and Tyler, her very own “Redneck Romeo.” She sometimes dreams of a future in which she and Tyler are happily married with three little girls and a doublewide. Other times she dreams of becoming a rock star. Before she discovers what the future holds, however, Candy will have to survive her present, a home life which has been turned upside down by tragedy, crime, and family members’ drug addictions.

Candy will have to be tough if she wants to make her dreams come true. Fifth grade shouldn’t be so hard.

Will the internet trolls ever stop harassing her family? Will she ever have all of her siblings together in the same room again? Will the dining room table be okay?


Fifth grade shouldn’t be SO hard…

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Bobbi Faulkner
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