Call Box

By J.T. Franklin


Call Box

By J.T. Franklin


Horace Briscoe believed he had escaped the shadow of his abusive father. The man who he hated for making his childhood a living hell. The man who caused his older brother to disappear, abused his mother and him, until his mother sent him to live the rest of his childhood with her parents. As a final blow his father killed his mother and himself. Horace hated his father but was scared he could become just like him.

Horace though he had escaped that fate. He had a great career as a Narcotics agent in Texas, a loving wife, and an adoring son. But due to a raid gone wrong, and a high powered cover up it all spiraled down. After a heated argument with his wife Horace feels the shadow of his father return and leaves for New Mexico. There he gets a job as a Patrol Officer and tries to sort things out.

On Patrol on a desolate desert highway, Horace finds a savagely brutalized body tied to a call box post with barbed wire. While investigating the phone rings and Horace hears the voice of his dead father on the receiver. Horace now not only has to face his own past and demons, but is forced into a twisted mission to find money hidden in the desert for a megalomaniacal drug lord. If Horace fails, the lives of a woman and her daughter at stake.

“Call Box” is a dark, dramatic thriller full of adrenaline boosting action. Filled with suspense, memorable characters, and unexpected twists,“Call Box” is a can’t miss read for lovers of dark edge of your seat thrillers.

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