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Black Economic Empowerment – Helping or Hurting?

By Anthea Jeffery


Black Economic Empowerment – Helping or Hurting?

By Anthea Jeffery


Does black economic empowerment work – or has its unintended consequences been to undermine our country’s growth?

This is the daring question Anthea Jeffery tackles head-on in her new book.

How rapidly would the black middle class have grown without BEE? Since BEE is unlikely ever to provide redress to the truly disadvantaged, what is its real objective?

In this – the first comprehensive review of BEE policies since 1994 – Jeffery addresses challenging policy questions about the ‘pros and cons’ of BEE that most commentators avoid. She unflinchingly examines the impacts of BEE on education, employment, procurement and on key sectors such as mining, agriculture, banking and the petroleum industry.

In the final chapter Jeffery points out the true costs of race quotas. She not only looks at the economic costs of empowerment, but also at the role of BEE in fueling corruption, the racial element in BEE and the impact of this policy on the poor.

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