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Before the First Snow

By Walter M. Brasch


Before the First Snow

By Walter M. Brasch


Birmingham. Delano. Chicago. Woodstock. Kent State.
War. The Environment. Worker Exploitation.
Hippies. Yippies. Cops and politicians.

People were singing. People were marching. People were protesting.
The news media reported, editorialized, lampooned, misreported, and scornfully dismissed the new social movements forged from alienation. And then the revolution of the 1960s evolved into the “Me generation.”
But one person never lost her principles. Apryl Greene, now in her 40s, is a musician and freelance photographer for labor unions. If there was an anti-war march, or an organizing meeting, a strike, or a plea for worker rights and social justice she was there.
While others around her are working to own a piece of America, she continues to try to improve it. Two decades after the revolution of the 1960s, she wants to build the first school for peace and the arts. But, powerful forces from both private industry and the government have already begun a process to legally seize the 40 acres of land she owns in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, and to destroy her dream. Around her, the nation is rushing to war in the Middle East, torn between its dependence upon oil and myriad problems of “clean” nuclear energy—and jobs in a depressed economy vs. health, safety, and environmental issues.
Into her life comes social activist David Ascher, cynical, liberal, and burdened with the responsibilities of being executive editor of one of the nation’s largest magazines. On tour to promote his book about revolutionary journalists, he’s looking for another story; she’s after something more important. Together, they are driven to find out who are trying to seize her land; more important, why.
Award-winning journalist Walter M. Brasch meticulously weaves a compelling story of greed, corruption, and intrigue, layered against the battle for social justice, to present a powerful story that merges history and contemporary social culture.

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