BATHSHEBA, The Untold Story

By Ron Marinari


BATHSHEBA, The Untold Story

By Ron Marinari


The real-life story of BATHSHEBA and KING DAVID is documented in the pages of history, mainly the Old Testament.

As the novel develops, Bathsheba acquaints herself with the “narrow-minded religious system” of her day—being born during a time when women had very few rights, if any.

Born with a dominant nature, Bathsheba sets out to find her estranged grandmother and become schooled in the ancient art of erotic love—which includes multiple forms of paranormal, BDSM, as well as bisexuality.

As the plot unfolds, David is exposed to be a feminine-natured man in need of a sexually dominant woman to relieve him of the burdens placed upon him as a king.

He sends for Bathsheba, and they instantly fall in love; however, this creates a dark historical drama. Bathsheba becomes pregnant with David’s child and happens to be married to one of David’s military generals, Uriah. Attempting to cover up their scandalous tryst, they agree to have Uriah assassinated.

Throughout their marriage, Queen Bathsheba becomes a mature dominatrix addicted to sex—soothing herself, more than the King, and having sexual encounters with both men and women inside her private palace sex-dungeon.

As King David nears the end of his life, he becomes fatally ill. The Queen is forced to buy time and temporarily revive him so the throne can be legitimately passed onto their son SOLOMON.

But, Solomon will also need a queen. Therefore, Bathsheba attempts to accomplish two things. First, she finds a beautiful virgin (ABISHAG) to lay with the King, hoping to restore his virility.

Secondly, she mentors the Virgin, to become her double and supply identical sexual dominance to her son as she did to her husband—desiring the two to have the love relationship she had with the King.

However, since his youth, Solomon had his own vision for the throne. He’d never marry a woman for love; to him, marriage would be his tool to establish peace treaties for his nation. The storyline involves a power-struggle inside the Royal Palace between Bathsheba and Solomon that includes the occult, treachery, and murder.

A novel filled with spiritual eroticism and suspense, the decadent Bathsheba will stop at nothing to get her way. King David finally passes away, and the Queen is aging. As life would have it, she’d meet with a final unforeseen resistance that would thwart her ultimate ruse. Would she still have what it takes to outwit her enemies?

Meet Bathsheba, an angel of darkness, who secretly sat on the King’s throne and ruled the nation. This was the real Queen, politically fervent, sexually dominant, and salacious in every way.

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