Strange as it Seems

another night out

By Michael Kontzamanis


another night out

By Michael Kontzamanis


It’s Saturday night, and anyone who’s anyone will be at Club eX. For Mike and his wayward circle of friends, though, it’s just another night out.

Except that Mike’s ex, Laurel—the Instagram-queen herself—is back in town, and she isn’t just any girl. Laurel’s the girl. Be cool, Mike. Be chill. At the pre-game party, the two fatefully reunite, and, for a brief moment, it’s actually kind of nice. Kind of how it used to be. Whatever that means. They share a cab to the club, but on her way out Laurel drops her phone without noticing. When Mike picks it up, the screen speaks to him: Hello, Michael.

Soon, Mike is talking back and posing as Laurel online. His virtual actions become reality. Through her phone, he has Laurel any way he wants her, whenever he wants her—until he too starts to lose control.

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Michael Kontzamanis

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