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Andy’s Day on the Farm

By Cristine Caton


Andy’s Day on the Farm

By Cristine Caton


Andy lives in the city. His Uncle John lives on a farm. Andy is going to visit Uncle John and see all of the animals. As you turn the pages you will meet a different farm animal. Each animal tells Andy his story. You will meet TanTan the sheep dog. Can you guess what his job on the farm is? You will meet Bella the cute cow who wears a bell around her neck. I am sure you know what her job is on the farm. Andy loves meeting each animal and learning how they help Uncle John on the farm. The first half of the book is Andy’s story and the second half of this book contains a variety of coloring pages, game and puzzle pages. Some of them are easy and some are more difficult. All of the answers, however, are found in the story. The puzzles are designed so that the slightly older primary age child can complete them alone. They can look up the answers if necessary. The younger child will need help but, working along with the parent, can complete most of the games. “Andy’s Day at the Farm” is also available as an ebook for Kindle and as an iBook for the iPad. As an iBook watch the story come to life with sound, movement and animation. Visit for book trailers and links. For those who know The Adventures of Cefa the Cat series of books you will be excited to learn that Andy lives down the street from Cefa. He and Cefa play all the time so check out Cefa the Cat’s website at for more information.

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Self Published
Cristine Caton

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