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All That Keeps Us

By Kirk Wheeler


All That Keeps Us

By Kirk Wheeler


A powerful tale of loss and betrayal, All That Keeps Us is a gritty drama haunted with vivid moments of calm punctured by brutal acts of ruin. As the gripping odyssey unfolds across the open roads of America it soon gives way to the notion that nothing is ever black and white.

Daniel Meyers is living in the upstairs apartment of an upscale bar in Alexandria, Virginia. One by one the members of his family have left him behind to carve out a life of his own. Only after a sealed letter from a shadowy messenger arrives does he begin to question everything that has transpired. Soon he finds himself on a quest to unravel the events surrounding the death of his father Sam, and in the process he begins to learn the truth about his runaway sister Abigail.

But unknown to Daniel there lurks a force in the deep woods to the west, a shapeshifting killer from the underworld of the government known only as Clovis who watches and waits for his time to arrive.

Still, Daniel clings to the idea that somewhere in the labyrinth of Los Angeles his sister is alive and he sets off to find her.

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