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All That Glitters

By D.L. Sparks


All That Glitters

By D.L. Sparks


If the wrong opportunity came along at the right time….what would you do??

Santee Mitchell seems to keep coming up short in life. At least that’s how it seems in her mind. Growing up she constantly played second best to her older sister Sonya, and in adulthood, the patterned painfully continues. She’s stuck with a two-timing, drug-dealing boyfriend, while her sisterlucked up and hooked a professional ball player. Her money is always running short, when it ran at all. The last straw comes in the form of an eviction notice coupled with an ill-timed pregnancy. Determined to turn her luck around, as well as put some money in the bank, Santee turns to her friend Monique and is immediately hypnotized by the sparkle of her diamond encrusted world. But what she doesn’t realize is that help from Monique comes with a price. A price that not even Santee is willing to pay. Haunted by a fire that still burns for her ex and driven by a wanton lust for a trick turned savior, Santee’s plan starts to unravel and it may be too late to right her wrongs when Monique turns up dead and she is fingered for the gruesome crime; revealing a secret that changes her forever and forcing her to look for answers in the one place she’s tried to avoid – inside herself.

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