A Widow’s Tale

By Frances Paul


A Widow’s Tale

By Frances Paul


Don’t miss out on this thrilling, fast-paced, unpredictable story. Each chapter leaves you speechless as one resolved question opens a hundred more!

In this novel author Frances Paul introduces a complex and driven young lady determined to uncover the truth surrounding the murder of her parents and to bring to justice the people responsible for the cruel act.

Executed by a man her father called friend and orphaned at ten years old, Savio Cardozo, Karina’s father’s second in command adopted her. He also inherited the Navarre billion dollar empire. He genuinely loved and treated Karina as his own but his love did not eradicate the pain and rage she harbored in her heart since that dark night. Powerless to control her rebellious arrogance, he sent her away to live with a former KGB officer, Sasha Glukhov. He was contracted to train and turn her into one of the world’s deadliest markswoman, and he succeeded in doing so.

After eight years of taking her under his wing, she was ready to introduce Karina Navarre to the underworld. A girl who has been discarded and forgotten.  She married Thian Cardozo, Savio’s son, after inheriting his father’s position as the head of the Navarre Organization. The unprecedented move was to make them resilient and a powerful house. However, a little over a year into their sacred union, Thian Cardozo is assassinated. Just as her folks. Slaughtered in a dingy alley and disposed of like a piece of garbage.

Karina’s heart drowned in deep agony. Fueled by her grief, she sets off on a breathtaking journey of twists and turns, fighting in a world where women are deemed inferior. But she’s determined to avenge the deaths of those she lost, even if that means risking everything including her own life in the process.

Karina Navarre has a list, and she’s crossing off names…one by bloody one.

Would she survive long enough to accomplish her mission?

Thrilling, unpredictable, fast-paced, and powered by a grieved widow’s inexorable sense of duty.

A trained killer. One kill list. A world of hurt.

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