A Touch Morbid

A Titus Adventure

By Carol Wills


A Titus Adventure

By Carol Wills


Written for grownups/parents’ to read to young ones and older children to read themselves. When Titus wants to visit his friend Jackson who is in hospital, he runs into all sorts of trouble. So, he sets about trying to find someone to help him. What others are saying about A Titus Adventure: A sweet read. Carol Wills takes us for a wonderful ride in an adventure that will leave you sighing and saying “Awww” with a lot of extra “w’s” at the end. It is a truly sweet story of a bird named Titus who will teach you the meaning of friendship and the bond he shares with a certain friend. On his way he makes new friends and teaches us that in a journey we always need someone to lend a hand. It is a beautiful story that will leave you enchanted, much like the magic of the Puffpuff bird.

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