Why Me, Oh Lord, Why Me?

A Place In Time

By Roger Longpre


A Place In Time

By Roger Longpre


Time has not dimmed my memories of our ranch on Petty Creek, and it seems necessary to recount tales of living there. I don’t know why, except that the country slides into focus as a place out of time, and worthy of mention in a foreign world that developed around it.

So begins the introduction to A Place In Time, the story of a man’s journey from an unrestrained youth as he hunted and survived in the natural, rugged mountain world of the Indian, to his desperate attempt to hold onto that life as the world changed around him.

His mountain environment was filled with colorful characters, each of them contributors to a kaleidoscope of intrigue, humor, and adventure, both on the ranch and in surrounding areas.

A reciprocal dependence of men and animals is vividly portrayed through the horses who trailed the mountain world with him, some of them previously not touched by man. Some accounts of animal companions end tragically in their vigorous existence; all of them touch sympathies of those who harbor an appreciation of the natural world.

The story’s owner is older now, but very much alive. The account of his life and location, however, are distant in the experience of most in today’s world. His life surpasses the boundaries of his own region, bringing the reader to confront in the end, the painful changes that have been inflicted upon his wilderness world.

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