Apocalypse: Diary of a Survivor

A Far Strange Country

By Arielle Hunter


A Far Strange Country

By Arielle Hunter


What do:
– A mother,
– A father,
– A Viet Nam veteran, paralyzed by a drug overdose,
– His teen-aged girlfriend and her promiscuous friend,
– A Chinatown doctor,
– A pair of stoner college professors,
– A notorious, epileptic Italian actor, – And the young wife he bought from a Serbian Gypsy,
– An enigmatic cult leader,
– An aging starlet and her cowboy husband have in common?

They all come to life in A FAR STRANGE COUNTRY

A Far Strange Country: Banquet of Choices – is set against the backdrop of social unrest, the rise of the drug culture, upheaval and assassinations. Like postcards from the past, cinematic description and crisp dialog bring elements of 1968 California to life in this tightly-written, fast-paced novel. The smoke clears with a story that is absent of the platitudes normally associated with the era.

“It’s much like the movie, On Golden Pond meeting Psych-Out” Ms. Hunter said when asked to describe A Far Strange Country.
“But I was adamant that the novel not be filled with hippie clichés and cheap shots about a time and place of monumental significance that changed our nation forever. I did, however, want to include California lore, and nostalgic bits and pieces that were once familiar, but now almost forgotten.”

Thrown into the mix are Buck and Pauline Harper, a staid couple who are riding out the upheaval tucked away on their ranch in the Sierra Nevada foothills when they receive a telegram. Their estranged son, Steven, a Viet Nam veteran, has been hospitalized in San Francisco from a drug overdose. At the same time, Donatello Dragghi a notorious Italian actor and film director has been sent to live with his uncle in California to avoid a Mafia hit. He is waiting in his suite at the Beverly Palms Hotel for a phone call. The call sets in motion a series of events that take him in a direction he never dreamed possible. And then there’s Parker, the pop-culture guru, suspected of murdering a follower to acquire a property in Big Sur.

The two-book series takes place in San Francisco, Berkeley, Napa, Los Angeles, Big Sur and the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. Hippies, ranchers and film stars illustrate the central theme: actions have consequences.

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