A Cliche Christmas

A Death in Vegas

By Christopher Meeks


A Death in Vegas

By Christopher Meeks


In “A Death in Vegas,” the president of a company that specializes in beneficial bugs for organic gardeners discovers a young woman dead in his Las Vegas hotel suite. She had worked as a sexy lady bug at his convention booth—and he had nothing to do with her death. While that’s being investigated, the FBI raids his booth on a money-laundering scam, which he knows nothing about either. Soon, the coroner doesn’t have good news. The police and FBI are against him—and his wife cannot be found. He flees to find answers and his wife.

“With his tongue planted firmly in cheek, Christopher Meeks spins a charming and surprisingly sexy tale of murder, betrayal, and the importance of beneficial insects.”
–Mark Haskell Smith, author of Baked and Raw: A Love Story

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