How To Make a Book Trailer

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We’ve been collecting the greatest literary video content over the years, but we’ve also learned a few things along the way.

If you are looking to make a book trailer yourself, we’ve collected some of our favorite videos with priceless advice for creators. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting a book trailer for school or for your latest novel, everybody can use some help.

First of all, watch great examples of book trailers. Follow this link to watch The Best Book Trailers of 2018. And here is some great student work…

Next, learn some amazing tips from writer/director Steve Stockman, author of HOW TO SHOOT VIDEO THAT DOESN’T SUCK. To avoid boring your viewer, he offers this advice:

“Don’t run the camera non-stop. Think in shots. Look for something interesting, aim deliberately, and shoot a little. When it starts to get boring, stop shooting and point the camera somewhere else.”

Watch his whole video for more advice…

After that, you need to choose a program for editing your videos. You can use iMovie or similar free software on your computer, or you can download a new app. A few examples are




This video shows you how to use Adobe Spark, but the advice about storyboarding and writing will work no matter what program you use.

You should also consider working with an artist (perhaps your book cover artist) on some striking images for the book trailer. Author offers this advice:

“you might have photos that help to inspire your novel, in that case throw it into the [trailer] or you might have an artist that you worked with … or maybe you have a fan that’s like super eager and wants to draw you the graphics for your book trailer or maybe you’re gonna hire someone to draw the graphics as well”

Watch her whole video here:

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

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