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BookReels, like all innovations, began with an idea. It also began with two people, Dan Rosen and CV Herst. Dan is an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter and director, and avid social media user. A few years ago, Dan found himself filming a number of book trailers for friends. Discussing this with fellow MFA writing program, friend, and biotech entrepreneur, CV, the duo came up with the idea to create a unique website where authors could easily promote themselves and sell their works while simultaneously making it easy for book lovers to browse their next purchase.

I found a bug! Can you fix it?

First of all, be sure you’re using newest version of ConTEXT. Check the ConTEXT forum if there is solution for your problem. If not, send as much info about it as you can. Can you repeat it? How? What exactly happened? Which highlighter did you use? Send a screenshot if possible.

I think ConTEXT gets slower when it starts. Is it true?

It can be. To speed it up, delete “ConTEXT Positions.ini” file and delete all external highlighters you don’t use. You can find them in the Highlighters\ directory. Those issues will be fixed in ConTEXT v1.0.

How to use Borland C++ 5.5 free compiler with ConTEXT?

Open a .cpp file to test
Select “Options/Environment options/Execute Keys”
Select the cpp group, if there isn’t any, click “Add” and enter the extension, in this case “cpp” (without quotes)
Now click on the cpp – F9, assuming that you installed Borland compiler in the folder “C:\Bcc\”, if you installed in other folder, just replace it.
Options for cpp – F9:
Execute: C:\BCC\Bin\Bcc32.exe
Start in: %p
Parameters: %f
Check “Editing before execution”
Check “Capture console output”
Then click “OK”
Executing DOS applications without output in ConTEXT console window.

You can achieve this by using ConExec’s -p option. For example, if you’ve got this configuration:
Execute: c:\util\tlink.exe
Parameters: %1
you’ll change it to:
Execute: c:\Program Files\ConTEXT\ConExec.exe
Parameters: -p “c:\util\tlink.exe” %1

Why arn’t language translations file updated regularly?

We don’t have enough time to wait for translations, so check the download section often.