About BookReels

Characters and their compelling stories leap off the page at BookReels, the web’s leading site for avid readers who want to preview their next book purchase the same way movie lovers preview an upcoming attraction: with trailers!

BookReels, Discover Your Next Read

BookReels offers readers an entertaining way to encounter the fantastic world of literature before purchasing an actual book or download. Bookreels are fun and engaging online book trailers that provide a tantalizing glimpse at literary works. Types of book trailers include official previews for books that have been adapted to film or television, author interviews, and live readings. Over twenty genres are included on the site, covering a range of works from classics like Leo Tolstoy’s magical Anna Karenina to hilarious contemporary biographies like Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Book Trailers vary in style and delivery from home-made to professional productions and help provide an outlet for self-publishing authors on a shoe-string budget as well as a platform for the seasoned, best-selling author.

BookReels, Determine the Next Best Seller

Creating a free account on BookReels takes seconds and gives you access to BookReels’ community pages. As a member of the community, you can rate book trailers, post comments and reviews, join discussion groups, and share  discoveries with your friends through sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also make trailer suggestions on a community board or submit your own video on the Submit a Reel page. But you’ll need to log in for access, first.

BookReels’ Back Story

BookReels, like all innovations, began with an idea. It also began with two people, Dan Rosen and CV Herst. Dan is an accomplished Hollywood screenwriter and director, and avid social media user. A few years ago, Dan found himself filming a number of book trailers for friends. Discussing this with fellow MFA writing program, friend, and biotech entrepreneur, CV, the duo came up with the idea to create a unique website where authors could easily promote themselves and sell their works while simultaneously making it easy for book lovers to browse their next purchase.

BookReels is still in its early inception with many more book trailers, interviews, and readings to come. Please check back often as new book trailers are being added all the time!


Why BookReels?